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Want to know more about your computer?
With K.O.P.C.O.
your computer mystery will be history!

Confused by manuals that seem to be written in another language? Need some simple answers? Then you need one-on-one, personalized help to make your computer do what you want it to — answers to your questions, with your software, on your computer, at your home or business.

Windows, Mac or iOS

Call K.O.P.C.O. today to schedule the help session that will turn frustration into fun!

Expert help at reasonable rates is only a phone call away!

One-on-one training
No matter what your current level of computer knowledge, whether you're a beginner or experienced user, K.O.P.C.O. training sessions are custom-tailored to your unique learning speed and style.
Your own computer with your own software
No strange classroom computer with an unfamiliar setup -- with K.O.P.C.O. you learn what you want to learn in your home or business setting using your own equipment.
Customized training CD
Your K.O.P.C.O. training session is recorded in progress and burned to a CD so it can be referred to at any time, by you or anyone else in your home or office.
Software or hardware help
Whether you want an overview of computers in general, need to get up to speed on one or more specific programs, or need a sound card or hard drive installed, expert help from K.O.P.C.O. is just a phone call away.
Purchasing advice
Not sure what to buy in today's fast-paced computer market? How much computer do you need? What do all those terms mean? What speed modem or CD-ROM drive should you buy? Expert advice from K.O.P.C.O. can save you time, money, and aggravation!
Expert instruction
Paul Dennis Kopco of K.O.P.C.O. has developed and taught computer education courses at universities and vocational schools from Delaware to South Dakota. He taught computer graphics and interactive multimedia courses at Black Hills State University. His teaching techniques have been perfected through years of experience helping people like you learn about computers in a clear, easy-to-understand way.
Any PC is OK
Whether your computer is Windows or Apple Macintosh, K.O.P.C.O. will help you get the most from your investment.

Be sure to read Paul Kopco's column, Digital Discourse, in the Rapid City Journal.
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