What does GB mean?

GB stands for gigabyte. As you may remember, a byte can be thought of as a single letter of the alphabet, number, or punctuation mark. Multiply this by a thousand (actually, 1024), and you get a kilobyte, or KB. Multiply that by a thousand and you get approximately a million bytes, or a megabyte (MB). And multiplying by a thousand again results in a billion bytes (1000 megabytes). This is known as a gigabyte, or GB. This was once thought of as an astronomical amount of storage capacity, but with the rapidly decreasing prices of hard drives, the term "gigabyte" is becoming more and more common. Does it go higher, you may ask? It sure does -- a thousand gigabytes is known as a terabyte. It may take awhile for that huge amount to become commonplace, but at the rate things are going in the computer industry, Iím willing to bet itís sooner than we think.

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